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Charles (Boo) Campbell

Charles (Boo) Campbell

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04/15/18 09:32 PM #7    

Loretta Todd (Roberts)

It has taken a few days for me to accept the fact that Boo is gone.  I missed his memorial service because we were in North Carolina.  He has been a special  friend since our days at Cascade Grammar School and all through high school.  There were several of us girls that always went to his house on Halloween when we were in grammar school.  Of course, Boo was not there but we got to talk to his Mom.  Boo was a good athlete, a good friend to many.  He had flown all over the world with his job and he was very proud of his family.  He was disappointed that he was not able to come to our 50th reunion and said he was going to be at the 55th no matter what.  He had to fly at the last minute and was not able to make either one of them.  He will be missed by many.  He was our beloved "Boo"   My thoughts and prayers go out to Anne and Jennifer!!!

04/16/18 12:36 PM #8    

Jim Ratzman

After graduation, I did not see Boo until 1972.  By that time he had been flying for Rollins, Inc for about three years.  I went to work for Rollins, Inc. in January 1972, and one day I saw him in the company cafeteria.  Probably unusual, becasue somebody in the Rollins corporate group or family was flying somewhere.  We chatted for a while since it had been 10 years since we had seen each other.  Sometime that year he left Rollins and became the Chief Pilot for Fuqua Industries.  He told me he really did not get along well with the Chief Pilot at Rollins at that time.  Later in 1972, I got a promotion and flew a couple of times on the company plane with my boss, but Boo had already left.   In July 1973 I moved to Texas with Rollins Outdoor Advertising in Austin.  Sometime in that year Boo came back to Rollins, but I did not see him again unitl the 20 year reunion in 1982.  I left Rollins in 1976 and we stayed in Texas.  

I did not see Boo again until  we did the joint reunion with class of 1963 in 2010.  We were able to talk for about 30-45 minutes about our experiences at Rollins, and he shared that he loved his job and had flown all over the world!  I was jealous because I had always wanted to be a pilot.  He did tell me that the Rollins family was dysfunctional, but all of them had access to the the plane, and that is why he was always on a moment's notice to fly somewhere.

Boo was a great athlete, friend, classmate, husband and father.  He will be missed.

04/16/18 02:27 PM #9    

Dottie Williams (Bolten)

After decades of living in the L.A. area, I saw Boo and spoke with him at our 2010 reunion. In high school, I thought of him as a class act, a kind person, who gave his all, no matter what. Boo still personafied those fine qualities after so many years. He was a bright light. My heartfelt condolences to him family.

04/17/18 09:46 AM #10    

Rick Ricketts

I've known boo since his days at Cascade, and he's always been a class act.  One of my fondest memories didn't come from the classroom or athletic field, but the fact that he "photo bombed" the majorettes picture that appeared in our senior Resume'.  God rest his soul.

04/17/18 05:14 PM #11    

Bill Huff Jr

Boo is a good friend to all. He is a tremendous athlete in football and in pole vaulting. He was over 13 feet in 1962. That an excellent height in pole vaulting, higher than a great many college teams. I remember how some of us identified him as "Hollywood" in football, with him often getting his picture in the newspaper making a spectacular pass reception. He is simply on another level now. Bill Huff

04/18/18 11:21 AM #12    

Susan Gillon (Crafts)

I was shocked to learn of Boo's passing. And saddened. He was a good friend to me at Southwest. He was a wonderful person and a hard worker.. I did not see Boo much after high school, only at the 1982 and 1992 reunions. However, after I left UGA and went to work for Delta Air Lines in 1963(Reservations/Customer Service) at the Atlanta Journal Building I drove over the Viaduct to get home. On quite a few occasions I saw Boo outside the Firehouse on the left. I would blow the horn and wave...One day I drove by and a firetruck pulled out of the firehouse...I blew the horn as usual and then I saw Boo hanging on the back of the firetruck waving...What a funny sight..And such a great memory. I am sending thoughts and  prayers to his family and to all of his friends who remember him so fondly.

04/18/18 12:15 PM #13    

Anne Buchanan (Sineath)

Anne Buchanan Sineath   ----- Jack and I went to Boo's funeral on the 6th. It was an amazing tribute to our dear friend. The program pictures were just perfect --- the music so fitting--- and the eulogies full of laughter, and tears. His wife and daughter are heartbroken, but so lovely. Suzanne, Jackie and I went to the 1982 reunion together, sans husbands! After we left, we went to Waffle House with Boo and stayed out until 3am--- no cell phones = worried husbands! We didn't care, we had a ball! Several years ago I delivered a cake to the Rollins hangar to be delivered to the Bahamas for a friend's daughter's  wedding. This beautiful man in a cashmere overcoat walked up and said "I am Charlie Campbell, pilot, and I will take care of your cake" No, you are BOO! Then we had a wonderful visit--- and his coworkers were shocked to hear his name and ribbed him the rest of our visit! We will all miss him!






04/18/18 02:57 PM #14    

Ted Jones

I am still in shock to hear about the loss of my dear friend Boo. We went to Cascade grammar school and graduated from Southwest together. A story that I have told many over the years is about when Boo came by John A. White pool and he was so excited he had just got his pilots license and could now carry a passenger with him. Instantly I said lets go flying another guy said I want to go. So we crazy guys took of to Charlie Brown Airport where Boo had a small plane he had been using to train. We had a smooth take off. Boo was so COOL. We flew around Atlanta looking at all the sites. What fun. We decided to get a Coke at the small airport south of the Atlanta Airport. We were coming in for landing lined up perfectly with the asphalt runway and all of a sudden the wind lifted the plane up and we were  bouncing down the grass strip in the middle of the runway. BOO was COOL but the guy in the back seat started screaming we are going to die. He freaked out. He did not know BOO as well as I did. I knew Boo would take care of us. The people on the ground had a good laugh at our rough landing.

We had our Coke and flew back home. What a great time. The next time I saw Boo I was in the Atlanta Airport and saw a guy in a pilots suit walking in front of me. He had an unusual walk which could only be one person. I yelled BOO and he stoped in his tracts never turning around he said It has to be a very old friend.  God Bless  You

04/22/18 12:35 PM #15    

Frank (Butch) Gill, Jr.

It saddens me to learn of the passing of Boo and for that matter, all the passings of our fellow South West family. What this passing does -- and in my case is to remind me of that part of in my life of learning, playing and being free.   

I would have enjoyed seeing Boo again and catching up on how his life had unfolded  -not to be- goes to show we need not to make an excuse or miss opportunities to reconnect.

Our group is now the Matriarchs and Patriarchs of our families and the responsiblity to establlish meaningful traditions, and be positive examples amoung our families and friends.

As Roy Rodgers" said   "Till We Meet Again"                                    






04/23/18 08:42 AM #16    

William (Bill) Sellmer II

What a shock to learn of Boo's passing! He was a good friend, team mate, and fellow Explorer Scout and he is dearly missed. Boo was "Mr. Cool" always seemingly had everyting under control. 

Thinking of Boo has brought up many memories and thoughts about our time at Southwest, our class and how special we were and are.... We grew up in the best of times in Attlanta and our country. We had it really good with teachers that cared about their students and what we learned. Our years at Southwest created in us a standard that we all look to as a balance of life. I, for one, am sincerely thankful to have been part of the experience. 

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