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Nancy Sheffield (Moor)

Nancy Sheffield (Moor)

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12/04/14 10:20 AM #4    

Carl Farris

I remember the help you gave me in class.  I really think you liked giving Austin and me hell in home-room for being disruptive.  Only saw you at reunions after graduation, but have good memories.  

12/04/14 12:26 PM #5    

Austin Simmons Jr

Nancy and I were neighbors on Lynhurst Circle. Our fathers both flew for Eastern Airlines. Nancy was a classmate in Mrs. Gilmer's six grade class at J.C. Harris and Mr. Hale's seventh grade class at West Manor. She was a very sweet lady and she will be missed.

Austin Simmons


12/04/14 01:47 PM #6    

Loretta Todd (Roberts)

Nancy was a very sweet and beautiful lady.  In spite of all her health issues, she did not let them keep her from doing things.  She had knee surgery not too long before our 50th reunion and had many complications but she was determined to attend and I, for one, know what an effort this was for her.  She would come to our ladies luncheons after having dialysis that very morning.  Nancy was a very giving person and we will miss her greatly.

12/04/14 02:14 PM #7    

Dottie Williams (Bolten)

I was so glad to sit with Nancy at a recent reunion.  I hadn't seen her since high school, and in spite of serious health issues, she had the same sparkle I remember.  She was the Gina Lollobrigida of our school -- what phenomal curves!  More important, she had such a great spirit --she was so good-hearted and so much fun, it literally puts a smile on my face to reflect on those years. I think that's what she would want!  I feel for her husband and daughter, too.  She's a loss to this world but leaves behind warm memories.  Nancy was an exceptional person.

12/04/14 05:45 PM #8    

Anne Lee (Davis)

I was so sorry to hear of Nancy's passing. I do remember her at Southwest. She was such a sweet, sweet young lady and I enjoyed conversations with her. I don't know when the last time was that I saw her, but I know it was a long time ago. I pray for her peace and I know she was loved.

12/05/14 12:58 PM #9    

Gwen Woodell (Beall)

Nancy was my friend for many years.  She and I were room mates in college, and shared life with husbands and famiy.  She was the Godmother of my oldest child and remained a big part of our family.  We talked about every 2 or 3 months, but when we did it was a 2 or 3 hour marathon.  She traveled all over the world - even though she was often in a wheelchair.  I will miss her voice more than anything.

12/07/14 10:27 AM #10    

Marquis Baeszler

So sorry Nancy lost her battle but so glad we got to see and visit Nancy at our last class reunion.  Our condolences to her family.

Marquis and Suzanne


12/07/14 01:33 PM #11    

Olin Williams

I met Nancy in the 4th grade at J.C. Harris. We rode the bus together and often sat in the steps to the center bus exit door...and just talked. She was a good friend all through school. We met up at past reunions and I was glad I got a chance to talk to her at the 50th. She was a very sweet person.


12/10/14 01:56 PM #12    

Rae Ann Cail (McIntire)

I was friends with Nancy; we were in the gang that went to Audubon Forest, so grew up going to spend the night parties, visiting each other’s families, flirting with the boys, etc. – like you do in high school.  The last few years we would see each other at our luncheons and at different social events in Marietta.  I went to her service this past Monday and was blown away when I saw the packed sanctuary.  I had not realized the impact Nancy had on so many different people.  Her pastor quoted a poem by Frank L. Stanton, saying it reminded him of her:

This world we're a'livin' in

Is mighty hard to beat.

You get a thorn with every rose.

But ain't the roses sweet?

We could see her thorns, she couldn’t hide them (from her wreck 20+ years ago), but she could see past them, because her goal was to smell the roses…and she did whatever it took, however hard, to do that.  Good job, dear friend!

Rae Ann

12/11/14 09:31 AM #13    

Gary Bond

My family moved to Atlanta when I was in the 7th grade and I met Nancy in Mr. Hales' class.  I saw her weekly at Audubon Forest throughout high school.  She was a generous spirit and friend to everyone.  It's touching to see notes from classmates from a half-century ago.  

My condolences to her family on your loss.


Gary Bond


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